The Power of the Serenity Prayer

A basic truth about life is… (wait for it…)  that there are many things we have no control over (there I said it, profound isn’t it?).   We will add undue stress to ourselves when we attempt to change what is beyond the realm of our control.    We can, however, control our reactions or actions.

The Power comes with the Wisdom of knowing what is within your control and having the courage to make changes.

Quick Couch Tip:  I often use this concept with clients.  It can easily be applied to self-esteem, depression, stress management, relationships, health, career, and so on.

Identify situations in your life that is bringing about some stress, concern, or emotional discomfort.   On a sheet of paper set up two columns.  On one side identify what you DON’T have control over; on the other side identify what you DO have control over.   Now transform the items that you have control over into your action plan, this will take courage.  This transformation will begin with “renewing your mind” that is looking at how you access the problem and making sure that you are shifting to more positive, encouraging, and self-empowering thoughts.

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