Meet Kristia

            Hello, I am Kristia Britt-Orr.  I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, licensed psychotherapist, a Christian counselor, a personal coach/cheerleader, and finally a producer of wellness and self development content.
            My journey began a long time ago when I wanted to become a psychotherapist before the age of 12.  I never made a plan B (which is interesting because I am a plan b type of person), there was not going to be another career options.  To best illustrate this is to begin with my story of being born with Sickle Cell Anemia.  If you do not know about this, I can say that it is  a condition involves excruciating pain and a shorter lifespan.  I recall discovering while in college that the life expectancy was around 27 years old; I was 19 years old at the time.  I remember that at that point I had to make a decision–to continue in college and pursue this career or stop school, chill (go back to my little Cookie Company job that I had during high school), and wait for the Lord to bring me “home.”  I decided that it would be worth me continuing and if I make it to become a therapist for just one day and then I go home to be with Jesus, that it would be worth it.  So here I am and I have been now practicing over 20 years (good call right???) and I am absolutely bless in doing exactly what I always wanted to do (without a plan b).  My graduate studies, resulted in degrees in Christian Counseling and Clinical Psychology.   
          Now I can say that I have enjoyed blogging throughout the years (again, you would not know that if you are a new comer–because all of by blogs have been removed and I am using this time to starting new with new content).  I want to invite you to enjoy this process of new content development with me as I focus on helping you with tools and resources to help you live better and thrive through wellness in all areas (I call the 7 Petals of Wellness:  spiritual (Christian-based), emotional, physical, financial, occupational, interpersonal, and intellectual), self development and emotional mastery.