My sites have been HACKED so I am making LEMONADE.


On 11/12/19, I arrived at my office bright and really early to prepare for the day and get ready for my first appointment at 7am.  Minutes before my client arrived, I realized that both of my websites ( and have been HACKED, QUARANTINED, AND OFF THE GRID. This was a nightmare for a therapist that is not a technical person I sat for a moment, decided that I can not do anything about at the moment because I have 5 clients scheduled back to back before my first break and 4 back to back appointments in the afternoon.  I had no time to do anything to resolve this issue today; at best, I left a message on my answering serving instructing clients how to get to their portals bypassing my websites.

My level of calm during this seemingly crisis was amazing.  I think because I realized that it was not really a crisis.  I remember telling my first client that this is a solvable problem, I shook it off, placed my Kristia-stuff aside, and became her therapist.  The most important thing for me for the next 5 hours is to be present for each of my clients before my quick break.  This goes back to what I teach in therapy and coaching that our thoughts lead to our emotions and actions (T.E.A.).  How you access the situation will lead to your feelings about it and subsequently your actions.  I got through the day feeling good that this did not hinder my presence with clients.  

I arrived home after a long day.  My husband had fed our child and had my dinner ready.  I ate, spent time with the family in my room and ended up dozing off.  I awaken (moments before blogging this) and thinking about how this can be beneficial.  I never ask why me God? I ask, what shall I do with this experience.  It came to me; how to make lemonade out of this experience.  I have great ideas and how to refine my work.  I have been preparing for my 2020 Vision (Year 2020 for new levels of client services, new business ventures, wellness, etc.).  I just opened on online store a couple of weeks ago ( I have been putting the finishing touches on a class that I am offering in January.  I created a schedule to start blogging and vlogging again on a consistent basis.  I made big plans intentionally because I want to practice what I preach to coaching clients because I suggest they expand their nets, so God may use their gifts.   2020 is about me being more, doing more, and giving more while maintaining personal balance and focus–which is the same exact vision I have for my clients, and my readers.  Very exciting.

I thought that is was good to scrub everything and merge these two sites into one and have everything under one roof.  I wanted to start with new blogs highlighting a journey to wellness in all 7 areas, personal development, and getting the business and life you want that God can use for His glory.  I wanted this site to be a place for clients and other visitors to take a journey to wellness (spiritually, emotionally, interpersonally, occupationally, physically, financially, and intellectually), to have tools to remove barriers that are impeding success in these areas of wellness; and, of course, thrive.  Heal, grow, and thrive.

I am certain that I will have the issues resolved and I will begin to rebuild this site, brick by brick.  I will not put up an UNDER CONSTRUCTION sign and lock it until it is perfect.  I will invite you in to see the process with all new content, transparency, and seeing everything unfold.  I invite you to take a look at your “2020 Vision” and I hope that it includes wellness, personal development, and beginning new adventures.    I super excited about rebuilding everything on this site. I had some amazing blogs that I have to say good-bye to, but they will be replaced with the new.  Setting the foundation and building from there and going to be a great journey.  I am choosing to thrive as I am making this site thrive.  Get Ready…Get Ready…Get Ready!!!


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