My Funny Therapy: “God…is this evidenced-based?”

(Only with the permission of my anonymous client am I publishing this article)


This is from my session with a client that is also a Christian therapist.

(Background: I am a Christian, not all of my clients are Christians, however that does not stop me from praying for them and for God’s guidance during the sessions).

Client: (Gave examples of things that she did for her clients.)

Kristia: Isn’t it funny how God would direct you to do something that is “different” and “strange.”

Client: Yes.

Kristia: With hesitation I would say, ” God are you sure…I mean has there been research to support this?”

Client: Yes. “Like, God IS THIS EVIDENCED-BASED.” (This is when the gut busting laughter began and lasted for at least 5 minutes—neither myself or my client could seem to get it together and continue the session before the 5 minutes). To this day, I have a moment when I think of it (even when writing treatment plans).

Ok now, let me ‘splain. An Evidence-Based Practice is integrating the best research evidence and clinical expertise in client care. Those are the buzz words as it relates to treatment.

Finally: We agreed that God’s word is the “Evidence.”