Fasting from the news is long over due.

I remember only a couple of years ago. I did not watch the news as much as I did in 2016 and 2017. I remember being Suzie-come-lately on major world events, while my family, friends, and clients found my cluelessness to be humorous. “You mean there was a Tsunami 3 weeks ago?” “Wait a minute, who is running for president?” During the last 3 months of 2016, I have watched CNN more than my entire lifetime. I became obsessed with watching “everyone and their mama” chime in on the news of the day.

The amount of things that we were exposed to in 2017 is enough to make anyone outraged, concerned, scared, sad and anxious. The constant blows of disasters, shootings, threats of war, and the never-ending latest from Trump (which is a daily occurrence). The initial feelings of helplessness can be often heavy. We have just entered into 2018 and we have already had many hits already. I have to constantly remind myself, that we are not hopeless no matter what is going on around us—then I unplug and turn off the notifications. IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

At the time of this posting, we are 1 day into the government shutdown (at least I think so, I have not watch any news today). Unplugging is a necessary form of self-care. I am suggesting temporarily or at least taking the news in small doses or just enough to be informed in what matters. Take a break, read or watch something positive and uplifting. Why not turn off the television (and everything else that has a screen) for a period of time and enjoy the silence or a conversation with someone, while making eye contact. If you elect to fast from the news, try it for a day or a week and see if it makes a difference with your stress level.