• Trusting God

    Trusting God may be difficult to do when we think He is to be blamed for things going wrong in our lives. “How can a God that allows this pain that I am experiencing be trusted?” If I trust Him, what if He does not do it my way? I have been trusting Him, and look what He made happen? These are questions that often asked in therapy, when people are trying to understand God in the midst of their problems.

    Pain, disappointments, and frustrations will happen in this life. It is a part of living. It is an opportunity for our growth to get closer to God.

    Trust is a feeling and involves an action. As with any feeling, we can change them by beginning to change our thinking. Our actions include the things we do when we decide to trust: praying, studying the Word of God, counteracting the worries and anxiety that we have.

    The act of trusting God begins with the decision to do so. We are not going to really decide until we have a fuller understanding of where God is in the midst of our pain. Rather than going deep into theology, I much rather keep it  this simple.

    1. God wants us to love Him back and choose Him no matter what. This is part of our basic call and purpose. When we are able to accept this, it helps to place everything into a perspective; how we approach our pain can actually prepare us for Him.
    2. God does not create most of the pain that we experience. Many times we fall victim of how others choose to mistreat us; and that has nothing to do with God.  God has given us all free will; and some times we fall at the hands of other people’s choices that cause us pain.  We also experience the painful results of some of our poor decisions; again, nothing to do with God.
    3. Pain can result from natural disasters, death of a loved one; things beyond our control. God is seen as the culprit by allowing such things to happen to us. We will never understand the “why me” and believe me, no answer will lessen the pain that follows. Here our logical minds cannot understand why; but here we must understand that God knows exactly what He is doing; and there is a bigger picture beyond our limited personal experience.
    4. Whatever the cause of our pain, God has the solution. We can seek Him for comfort, guidance, wisdom, and restoration. This pain is an opportunity to bring you closer to Him.

    When I personally came to the conclusion that “My life is not about me.” It was the most liberating epiphany. This statement helped me to put everything into a different perspective. I was able to conclude that the vicissitudes of life do not cease just because I choose to follow Christ, but they prepare me to choose Him not matter what. My purpose is to choose Him, love Him, follow Him, and encourage others to do the same. Is not that our general purpose for being? It is not about us. Our pain is about us—we have to heal from it, we have to grow, and finally we have to thrive in it. To thrive in our pain is to trust Him completely. And looking at the state of our world, we need to trust God completely.



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