• How to Develop a New Habit in 3 Steps.

    Forming  habits are necessary to have better lives. It is very hard to stick to them and that can be frustrating. Here are some quick tips to consider when developing good habits.

    1.  Piggy back on a current habit. Research has shown that we are more successful when we attach a new habit to an old habit. As we allow the old habit to be a trigger for a new habit, it will be easier to do.  For instance: If I have a glorious cup of coffee each morning (old habit) and I want to read more (new habit) before starting my day, I will then set aside 15-20 minutes to enjoy the coffee and the reading material (Bible, blog, newspaper, etc.).
    2. Make it easy to start by easing into the new habit. Using the same example above, don’t try and start off with 15-20 minutes of reading initially; start small. For instance, if you want to read the Bible before you start your day, don’t go for the entire chapter, or book; how about one Scripture. Or, if you want to exercise more, instead of 30 minutes nonstop, about during those commercial breaks, do some sit-ups.
    3. Reward yourself verbally for your accomplishment.   Also take note of the immediate positive experiences by engaging in the behavior.  Behavior that is reinforced is behavior that continues.

    Be sure to be patient and forgiving toward yourself because it takes time to develop lasting habits. These are ways you can integrate new habits into old routines. Once you accomplish these, you can do more.

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