• Why Start Your Wellness Journey

    A basic truth about life is that IT CAN BE DIFFICULT.  Ironically, this was what I used on my brochure over twenty years ago when I began my journey as a Christian Counselor.  And still today, it reigns to be an obvious truth.  Life can be difficult.  There are times when it is easily manageable, and other times–chaos.  Personally, I have noticed that it can be more manageable when I only focus on some things and then the chaos will follow after all the other things that I have “shelved” comes tumbling down.

    Functioning well and for the long term is to attend to all areas of our being.  Being a superhero is not what I am proposing; however, being intentional about our wellness will yield great results.  Making small mindful steps in the right direction will get you there.

    Here is another truth.  This world is not going to get better (I once had a client once, jokingly thank me for this “encouraging” insight) if we are paying attention to the signs of the time, we know this for sure.  Life is going to happen, there are chaotic events around us that we do not get a vote on.  Thinking that we are exempt because we are Christian is a false reality.  It rains on the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45).  But preparing ourselves, having balance, enjoying our living, and serving God will position us to deal with the stuff of life that can hit us hard.

    The time is upon us to focus on all areas of our lives.  To take the steps to move towards thriving Spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, relational/socially, intellectually, and occupationally (7 Petals of Wellness).  To do the things that you have been feeling led to do, to stand in your God-given strengths and abilities, and no longer talk yourself out of it (because of fear, complacency, or any other reasons you have been given yourselves).  Let’s be in our best position so we can answer the call of God.  These are serious times, but also times of great opportunity to show up and be counted.  Let’s remove any barriers, let’s get out of our way, and let God have His way through us. (Question?  Am I the only one that hear trumpets right now? —OK never mind).

    What I know for certain, is that if we attend to each of the 7 Petals of Wellness we are placing ourselves in the best position to enjoy our living while answering the call.

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