What Not To Say When A Person Is Grieving

When we try to comfort someone who just lost a loved one, it would be easier to just take our foot and put it directly in our mouth and chew. One thing about it, we have great intentions but it does not often translate to being supportive and helpful to the person that we are […]

7 Amazing Benefits of Deep Breathing

  One of the best things you can do for your self-care is learning deep breathing.   Here are 7 benefits of breathing that should encourage you to start today. It calms anxiety. When we are anxious, it sets off the fight or flight response, thus activating the sympathetic nervous system. Deep breathing triggers the activation […]

Launching a YouTube channel on 8/1/18

If you are a client and have been to the office, you have noticed my “studio” equipment.  Well, after months of blood, sweat, and tears I am launching the YouTube channel.  These past few months have been  a major process and a amazing learning experience.  (Too much learning rather).  I have been solo in learning every […]

Stress Symptoms You Miss That Will Effect Your Health.

  If you were to put a frog in a pot of water and heat the water; the frog will adjust as the temperature of the water increases. The frog will continue to adjust as the temperature continue to climb. Suddenly, when the frog gets the notion that it is finally time to get out […]

How to beat racing thoughts

  Racing thoughts are fast and repetitive thoughts about a particular topic.  They often occur when you are anxious, depressed, or stressed.  It seems like your mind is going 700 miles an hour with a string of thoughts that are blown out of proportion.   Here are 7 tips to help you calm your racing thoughts.  Breathe.  […]

You can’t heal it if you don’t feel it!

Denial, rationalizations,  and addictions  are some ways in which painful feelings are avoided. These Defense Mechanisms may work temporarily; however, just  like sweeping things underneath the carpet, eventually you will trip and have to face them.  I believe that God uses our pain as opportunities for healing and growth.  We would not know what needs to be fixed if we did not […]

Stank and Stones: Using an example from David and Goliath to deal with anxiety.

(If I wrote a blog for everytime something amazing happens in therapy, this site would explode.  I have to give credit to an incredible client who came up with this phrase recently during a session, “Stank and Stone.”  This evolve after an example I use when discussing anxiety and worrying.) There are times in which […]

7 foods to boost your moods

Changes in your diet can change the physiological and chemical structure in our brain, thus can lead to a change in your mood.  Whether you are being treated for depression or want a boost in your overall mood, add some of these foods into your diet. Dark leafy veggies and broccoli:   Contains folate. A deficiency in […]

Choosing God No Matter What

  Whenever we make the real choice to accept Jesus, to surrender to Him, to live by His commands, to serve, and to be a witness to His greatness. WE ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE (seemingly). With all the peace and the joy that may come with turning your life over to God comes the testing […]

Trusting God

Trusting God may be difficult to do when we think He is to be blamed for things going wrong in our lives. “How can a God that allows this pain that I am experiencing be trusted?” If I trust Him, what if He does not do it my way? I have been trusting Him, and look […]