Hello and welcome to I Choose to Thrive.  I am Kristia Britt-Orr.  I am a Christian.  I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a purposeful  servant.  Additionally, I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, Christian Counselor, and Coach (www.kristiabritt.com).

In addition to the above roles, I create content for wellness, personal growth, and faith-based integration.  With juggling everything we have on our plates, we must not loose site of keeping our balance so we can feel well, perform well, love well, serve well, and live well.

The 7 Petals of Wellness (Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Relational/Social, Financial, Occupational, and Intellectual) are the wellness areas of balance we focus on in the content.  The amazing part of this site is that we honor Christian principles while addressing the wellness and personal growth areas.

Feel free to visit my  other site to get more information on personal counseling, coaching, and my Heal!Grow!Thrive! Monthly membership service  Here I provide the tools (that I often use in my psychotherapy and coaching sessions) by way of courses, videos, printed materials, private group Facebook page, and live monthly events to assist in your journey to healing, growing, and thriving.