In His Name


I unapologetically and unequivocally love me some Jesus. That being said, I felt the need to dedicate a page to the topic of prayer in counseling.

When I feel prompted to do so, or when I get the request, I pray for and with clients only “In Jesus’ Name.” I respect where people are spiritually and your beliefs (or mine) will never be debated.

If you are interested in praying before or after the sessions, and/or referencing the Bible into your counseling. I am more than ready to do so.

I commit to praying for people on a consistent basis. I pray daily to be used as a vessel, I lift up the sessions for the day. Most of the times, clients may have no clue that I am specifically praying for them (their healing, situations, growth, etc.).


So on this page, I want you know that that I am praying to be used in your healing and growth process. I want you know that you matter and I am praying that God reaches places that no human can reach in you. I am offering a prayer request form on this page. Once again, I am the only one that will see your request as they will be sent directly to me.