The key to acceptance: “It is what it is”

I stumbled upon this “It is what it is” pillow. I had to grab it because of it’s relevance. Two initial thoughts that came to mind: 1. Why didn’t I think of this; 2. Mama, crank up the sewing machine…we are about to go into the pillow-making business; who wouldn’t need this reminder. IT IS […]

Get the Funk out of here!

Just as sure as you are a human being, there will be times when you are doing fine and then find yourself in a “funk.”  A “funk” is usually a depressed mood state that is temporary; it does not warrant a clinical diagnosis of depression.  It is a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense […]

The “Winter Blues”

Many suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months and look forward to spring when there is usally a lift in moods.  SAD is an episode of depression that occur annually between fall/winter and lasting until spring/winter.  In Georgia, the weather has not been consistent.  Whilst we await for the sun to make it’s permanent […]


  I’m o-k; You’re O-K.   This is the sentiment behind a person who is assertive.  Being assertive is imperative when talking to, or care-fronting, someone you love.   “I am not trying to control you, I am not trying to ignore your needs, I am listening to you.. because I care, and I need the same in return.  […]

Managing stress before it manages you.

Stress is a “silent killer.”  Oftentimes people are not aware of stress until the symptoms of it creep up on them and commands their attention.  Many have conditioned themselves to have an high tolerance for stress.  We are in a world where we are constantly pushing ourselves to do more, be more, and have more; […]