You can’t heal it if you don’t feel it!

Denial, rationalizations,  and addictions  are some ways in which painful feelings are avoided. These Defense Mechanisms may work temporarily; however, just  like sweeping things underneath the carpet, eventually you will trip and have to face them.  I believe that God uses our pain as opportunities for healing and growth.  We would not know what needs to be fixed if we did not […]

Jump in.

There you are pacing back and forth, contemplating if you are going to jump into the pool (of your dreams).  You have done your solid research as anyone would (you googled it).  You have asked all of the relevant questions:  What if I don’t make it (fear of failure); what if I do make it, […]

The Power of the Serenity Prayer

A basic truth about life is… (wait for it…)  that there are many things we have no control over (there I said it, profound isn’t it?).   We will add undue stress to ourselves when we attempt to change what is beyond the realm of our control.    We can, however, control our reactions or actions. The Power comes with the Wisdom of […]