Personal Values List

Personal Values List Below is a list of personal or core values. I suggest that you choose 5-7 and begin to focus on those, allowing your choices and habits to be consistent with what you value.   Ability Abundance Acceptance Accomplishment Achievement Adaptability Adequacy Adventure Affection Affluence Alertness Ambitious Approachability Articulacy Assertiveness Attentiveness Audacity Awareness […]

How to make good choices

Where you are today is a direct result of a series of day to day choices that you have made.   Sure, part of our lives reflect the hand we were dealt; however, our lives today result from our choices. Every choice we make, big or small, has a consequence. The consequences may be negative or […]

The Process of Choice

There are essentially two ways in which a person makes a choice, an intuitive method and a deductive method.  Most of our day to day choices are made by our “gut” feelings (hence, the intuitive method).    The deductive method is more complicated.  It involves a more strategic system.   In this article, we will discuss the […]