Stress Symptoms You Miss That Will Effect Your Health.

  If you were to put a frog in a pot of water and heat the water; the frog will adjust as the temperature of the water increases. The frog will continue to adjust as the temperature continue to climb. Suddenly, when the frog gets the notion that it is finally time to get out […]

Stank and Stones: Using an example from David and Goliath to deal with anxiety.

(If I wrote a blog for everytime something amazing happens in therapy, this site would explode.  I have to give credit to an incredible client who came up with this phrase recently during a session, “Stank and Stone.”  This evolve after an example I use when discussing anxiety and worrying.) There are times in which […]

The gift of Now.

This morning we arose to a wonderful gift of Now.  Regardless of what happened up until this point such as the disappointments, the hurt, that perception of failure, and losses; we have now and there are possibilities and potential in the now.  Think of all the people that are living, thriving, succeeding, overcoming, and growing, because […]

Taming the beast within

Imagine you are having a nice run around Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.  You take a detour and decide to go on a trail.  There you are in the woods and you see a pitbull that is unleashed.  This is indeed a crisis and you are now in survival mode.  Should you flee or fight […]

Get the Funk out of here!

Just as sure as you are a human being, there will be times when you are doing fine and then find yourself in a “funk.”  A “funk” is usually a depressed mood state that is temporary; it does not warrant a clinical diagnosis of depression.  It is a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense […]

The Power of the Serenity Prayer

A basic truth about life is… (wait for it…)  that there are many things we have no control over (there I said it, profound isn’t it?).   We will add undue stress to ourselves when we attempt to change what is beyond the realm of our control.    We can, however, control our reactions or actions. The Power comes with the Wisdom of […]

20 Quick tips to help you manage stress at work.

Whether or not you love your job, there are often inherent stressors the comes along with most industries.  Here are some quick tips that may be helpful. 1.  Ask yourself if your current job is consistent with your career objective.  If not, then spend time on your plan.  Feeling “stuck” can be a major stressor. […]

Managing stress before it manages you.

Stress is a “silent killer.”  Oftentimes people are not aware of stress until the symptoms of it creep up on them and commands their attention.  Many have conditioned themselves to have an high tolerance for stress.  We are in a world where we are constantly pushing ourselves to do more, be more, and have more; […]