Stank and Stones: Using an example from David and Goliath to deal with anxiety.

(If I wrote a blog for everytime something amazing happens in therapy, this site would explode.  I have to give credit to an incredible client who came up with this phrase recently during a session, “Stank and Stone.”  This evolve after an example I use when discussing anxiety and worrying.) There are times in which […]

Jump in.

There you are pacing back and forth, contemplating if you are going to jump into the pool (of your dreams).  You have done your solid research as anyone would (you googled it).  You have asked all of the relevant questions:  What if I don’t make it (fear of failure); what if I do make it, […]

Taming the beast within

Imagine you are having a nice run around Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.  You take a detour and decide to go on a trail.  There you are in the woods and you see a pitbull that is unleashed.  This is indeed a crisis and you are now in survival mode.  Should you flee or fight […]