Since my sites have been hacked and I decided to rebuild it “brick by brick” and merge both sites into one ( and are both here), I want to dedicate this page for information, updates, and process journal.  Best to read from the bottom up.


12/11/19.  Christmas and New Years are right around the bend.  For the first time in all my years of practicing, I am taking a FULL TWO WEEKS off for the holidays (practicing what I preach about self-care)  so I opened up a few extra slots next week, then that is it until January 6th. (But of course clients you know how to reach me in an emergency.)

11/15/19.  Site is progressing.  I am so happy to take my time giving this site some “bones.”  I will begin blogging next week.  I am also gathering my material for some “kick-butt” coaching in 2020 (in alignment with the 2020 Vision).  You should see me today-alone in the office- on a Friday “getting jiggy with it” as I am working on this site (I mean, should I be having this much fun).  Between this and designing T-Shirts, I am beginning to feel like an Ar-tist (in my JJ voice–if you are too young to know who I am talking about, it is ok).

11/13/19.  I decided to rebuild instead of restore.  It will be a process but I am excited to start with a blank slate because I have many plans for the “2020 vision.”  I will start with the bones (general information) then add the meat (blogs).  Transparency:  Although I am excited, I recognize that it is a massive undertaking because I have many plans and my action need to be focused and intentional.  I have experience moments of being overwhelmed by this but I follow my own advice… take it step by step–Mount Everest is climbed one step at a time.  

For clients:  By the way, your information is safe.  My websites had been hacked not your HIPAA compliant and highly secured client portal (which is link to through the website but a separate entity all together).  If you have a credit card on file, that information is also securely held with the credit card company I use (I do not even have access to your card information).d pro